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Innovation Foundation At OSU

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Being a Mentee

The Cowboy Leaders Network provides OSU innovators access to experienced technology-based business professionals to increase successful commercialization of innovations.

Program Benefits for the Innovators

The mentoring program benefits to OSU innovators include:
  • Forming connections to prospective customers and research and development partners

  • Building company sponsored research opportunities

  • Helping secure research and development funding including STTR/SBIR grants

  • Navigating applicable regulatory pathway

  • Improving industry communication and engagement skills

  • Optimizing research and development time and resources by focusing on what’s most important

  • Aligning technology development efforts with high priority industry or customer needs

For innovators considering commercializing their invention through a startup company, additional program benefits include:
  • Receiving expert guidance and advice on business plans and go-to-market strategies 

  • Connecting key personnel to startup team and as advisors

  • Assisting with investment and fundraising strategies

  • Advising on company operations including accounting, human resources, insurance, finance, supply chain, marketing and sales

Regardless of the chosen path to develop and commercialize inventions, Cowboy Leaders Network can significantly increase the probability of obtaining industry-sponsored research, commercial grants and private investments including funding from Cowboy Technologies.


What we expect from Mentees

  • Attending monthly meetings with mentors 

  • Preparing for meetings with mentors 

  • Honestly sharing information to help mentors give unbiased feedback and guidance

  • Listening and accepting constructive criticism

  • Expressing gratitude for mentors who are volunteering their time

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