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Innovation Foundation At OSU

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About Cowboy Enterprises

Seamlessly integrating the Office of Technology Commercialization, Cowboy Innovation Accelerator, Cowboy Technologies, and the OSU App Center. The organization provides essential startup assistance resources, and also serves as a conduit for grant funding, facilitating the transformation of groundbreaking ideas into viable businesses.

Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)

Intellectual property management and industry engagement
The Office of Technology Commercialization manages, protects, markets, and licenses OSU innovations and intellectual properties. The OTC facilitates confidentiality (NDAs) and material transfer agreements (MTAs). OTC engages with the industry to connect OSU skills and capabilities with industry needs.

Cowboy Innovation Accelerator

Comprehensive suite of pre-accelerator services
The Cowboy Innovation Accelerator provides programming and funding that advances innovation-based, proof-of-concept technologies towards venture-backable startup companies and licensable technologies to established companies in the energy, aerospace and advanced mobility, agriculture, and One Health market segments.

Cowboy Technologies

For-Profit, Venture Capital Arm
Cowboy Technologies is the for-profit venture capital arm of The Innovation Foundation at OSU.  Cowboy Technologies, LLC, makes returns-based investments in internal OSU technology development projects and growth startups affiliated with OSU, including those licensing OSU intellectual property.  Cowboy Technologies, LLC prepares the portfolio startups to successfully raise capital from our network of aligned venture capital partners.

OSU App Center

A leading national model for on-campus mobile app development and commercialization.
Established in 2013, OSU App Center is a resource for students and faculty members for mobile app design and development. Besides advising and training students on app design and development, the OSU App Center conducts a yearly app competition and develops custom mobile apps.

Discover Our Innovations and Startups

OSU Innovations Catalog

Explore our available innovations developed by Oklahoma State University inventors. 

Cowboy Technologies Portfolio

Explore our startups and technology projects we have invested and help accelerate

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Meet the teams

Step into a world of innovation. Uncover the stories, skills, and personalities that fuel our collective success. With just a click, you'll be introduced to the diverse talents that make up our extraordinary team. Get ready to connect, be inspired, and discover the human side of innovation.
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