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Innovation Foundation At OSU

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Oklahoma Aerospace Institute for Research and Education (OAIRE)

OAIRE’s mission is to be the global leader in emerging aerospace technologies through three applications: research, scholarship, and service. The OAIRE team focuses on advancing the knowledge and capabilities of aerospace systems through cutting-edge research.

Hamm Institute for American Energy (HIAE)

HIAE strives to be a global energy innovation hub. By researching carbon emission reduction and exploring new energy sources, we collaborate with partners to inspire the next generation of clean, affordable, and reliable energy solutions.

Human Performance and Nutrition Research Institute (HPNRI)

HPNRI improves health outcomes through scientific studies aimed at minimizing health threats in Oklahoma. Dedicated to expanding the scope of human performance and nutrition studies, their research provides evidence-based solutions to improve lives.

National Center for Wellness and Recovery (NCWR)

(Partner Institute)
NCWR focuses on scientific research for substance use disorders and chronic pain treatments, emphasizing biomedical research and innovative patient care. Our mission is to destigmatize and eliminate addiction through patient care excellence and science-driven interventions.
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